Oh no.

A Gravity Falls Fanfic by Aoikami Sarah

Written in May, 2015 while waiting after ďNot What He SeemsĒ


Chapter Three

Newspaper Articles, Personal Journal of Dipper Pines Selected Entries


GRAVITY FALLS GOSSIPER, Friday, September 21st, 2018, Page 1


US District Judge Portia Maxwell sentenced Preston Northwest to 50 years and his wife, Muffy Northwest to 30 years in prison after a Salem federal jury convicted them of multiple counts of fraud in April. The multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme they orchestrated drained all of their assets. Their daughter, Pacifica disappeared in October 2017. Originally, it was believed that the daughter stood to gain and had some hand in the scheme, but evidence presented in the trial indicate that the funds her parents lost included those set aside in trusts meant to go to her when she turned 18. Silicon Valley billionaire Bian Nguyen was one of the many affected by the scheme and has filed a civil suit in which she is seeking $10 billion invested in the coupleís business. Under federal bankruptcy law, a trustee can recover up to six yearsí worth of transfers if they constitute a ďfraudulent conveyanceĒ of the bankrupt firmís (or in this case, the coupleís) assets.


GRAVITY FALLS GOSSIPER, Friday, June 7th, 2019


Visit The Mystery Shack

Wonderful things await you when you enter its doors. Donít be afraid, itís all been expertly curated by the Brothers Pines and nothing can possibly harm youÖ probably. Open for tours 11 AM to 4 PM, gift shop open till 5 PM, Wednesday through Sunday, rain or shine all year except Christmas, Thanksgiving, Summerween, Halloween, and Walpurgisnacht.


GRAVITY FALLS GOSSIPER, Friday, January 14th, 2022, Page 2


Youíve all heard of the fashion trend sweeping the country that has every girl and boy begging their parents to buy them a KinetiSweater, but did you know that its inventor is a part-time Gravity Falls resident? Mabel Pines, famous fashion maven, is the granddaughter of Stanley Pines, owner, with his brother Stanford Pines, of the Mystery Shack. Mabel had been trying to make her way in fashion for several years before making it big with the KinetiSweater - a self-powered illuminated (and in more premium models, audio and wifi-enabled) sweater that expresses the wearerís unique personality. Not only does it allow a person to show off their individuality through the different patterns and colors (or sounds) generated by lights on the front of the garment (and in premium models, the back), the more a person moves while wearing it, the more expressive they can be, encouraging vigorous physical activity.


GRAVITY FALLS GOSSIPER, TV LISTINGS for Friday, August 11th, 2023

11 PM, Channel 9


Live from the Northwest Mansion, Gravity Falls, Oregon. Join Kyle and Kipp as they enter the ruins of this grand estate, scene of a deadly, tragic fire in 2017 (1 hr.).


Personal Journal of Dipper Pines

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023

Mabel got in today. I think the last six months were the longest weíve ever gone without seeing each other. It was quiet and I got a lot more done, sure, but I missed her a lot more than I thought I would. When she came through the door it really got me. Itís nice to have the four of us together again, especially since Grunkle Stan needs so much more help, Grampa canít keep up and we donít have the funds for a caregiver so itís pretty much on us. Not that I want Mabel to have to deal with it, but itís nice to have another hand. He just turned 81. I think heíll live to 100+ which is fine if his mind stays as sharp as it is, butÖ

On Friday that knock-off, bogus ghost hunter show is coming to town. I think theyíve finally said I can be on hand, but from what Iíve seen of the show, itís going to be cringe-worthy and terrible. Theyíll probably just make fun of me when I tell them there are no ghosts in the manor and make me look stupid on national television. Oh well. From what Iíve seen, I donít trust them. Iím going to make sure they donít say anything uninformed and patently false. Especially if they dare to insinuate that Pacificaís ghost haunts the place. None of the bodies they found were hers--and thatís not even speculation! Itís the proven truth! Besides the point that Iíve gone through every spell, rite, and incantation I can get my hands on trying to contact her spirit to no avail.

Mabel brought stuff from California to make awesome tacos for dinner tonight. Sheíll be here for two weeks before fashion week starts up and then sheís got to head back to NY.


Personal Journal of Dipper Pines

Saturday, August 12th, 2023

Holy cow where do I start this entry?

Itís about 3 in the morning and I canít sleep so I might as well write about this now. Last night I went to the NW mansion for that stupid ghost hunter show and decided to prowl the halls before they started filming. I heard something and went to go check it out and I caught what I thought was one of the crew stealing something. I chased the perp to a hidden exit-tunnel/slide thing behind a staircase that emptied out in the back yard. The perp had gotten tangled in an overgrown shrub at the base of the slide and I landed on top of her. She pleaded with me to let her go and I thought she was with the crew so I gave her a hard time. Then she said "Dipper?" and I turned the flashlight on her. It was PACIFICA!!

She was shocked to see me--didnít think I lived here, didnít expect to see me. Said she came to get her journal she left in an air vent. She begged me to forget Iíd seen her and let her go but I just couldnít. I begged her to talk to me and she was a little cagy, but finally agreed.

We went for coffee at the diner and she told me what her folks did to her that she ran away and hid her identity. I told her I tried to contact her ghost and she started to cry.

I couldnít think of the right words to convince her that even though the last time we spoke we were kids and even though our last words to each other were unkind, I still cared about her, so I didnít say them. I was smoldering, more with frustration, I guess, because I sure as heck donít hate her for it, I just canít get over the idea that she cared so little for us that she would hide from us for SIX YEARS and I told her as much. She kept dismissing me about that, saying that she just couldnít bring herself to call or write and I got kind of angry with her at one point and she offered an apology for not telling me she was alive. When she looked up, her eyes were so sad. I felt like a huge jerk, everything was so wrong. I accepted the apology and there was this awkward silence that felt like it lasted forever. Then she said that all she needed to do was get her journal before someone else found it and that it seemed like the right time to come back to Gravity Falls, but now she thought maybe she was mistaken.

I wasnít sure if she was wrong about that, but I didnít want her to go, so I told her that Mabel was here and she perked up and I asked her to come over and hang out and talk to her. Fortunately she agreed. It was a long, quiet drive to the Shack.

Tonight was nice, though, after all. I mostly just listened to Mabel and Pacifica talk and I took some abuse and watched as Pacifica relaxed.

She calls herself Erica Sutherland these days. She was afraid for a long time that the authorities would come get her for her parentsí debts and by the time they were sent to prison, she thought it was too late to go back. She lived in a homeless shelter for weeks which I cannot even imagine. She got menial jobs and assistance from the government and she lives with other battered and abused women in an apartment in Portland.

After a few beers she seemed to get a little more comfortable and not as freaked out by me. I guess being surprised by my presence, put off by my frustration, and not being used to seeing me as a tall, tattooed dude didnít help. Otherwise, she seems easy-going and down-to-earth. Her hair is a little darker, but still blonde, and sheís a little curvy which I admit suits her rather well, and sheís taller than Mabel so maybe 5í6Ē?. She was wearing next-to-no makeup, and she said all her clothes and stuff are second hand. Her current occupation is waitress and all her jobs have to be cash under the table because she doesnít have a social security # for her fake identity. Her new life could not be more different than her old one, but she claims that she believes it happened this way for a reason. She seems happy with it, which Iím glad for. I know how miserable she was in that house...

Mabel asked her to stay with us for the weekend and she agreed so sheís up in the attic with Mabel right now. And I cannot sleep.


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