Shinjite Ai No Tsuzuki : Believe Love Goes On

An Inuyasha Fan Fiction Saga by Aoikami Sarah




            Kagome sat by the fire and hugged her knees. She watched the dying embers pulse in the breeze. Her eyes unfocused and tears spilled out again. She wiped her face with her sleeve and tried to compose herself. Maybe she had been sleep walking. Maybe she was asleep right now and she’d wake up with the dawn to find Inuyasha watching protectively over her. She sniffed again and stood up.

            “Kagome.. where is everyone?”

            “Inuyasha!” she cried, alarmed and tried not to face him. “They went looking for Miroku.”

            “Oh, where’d he go?”

            “If we knew would we be looking for him?!”

            He made a face. “Well you’re not looking very hard. He’s probably off chasing women.”

            “He stole the Shikon shards.”

            “WHAT!?” Inuyasha grabbed her by the shoulders. “Why didn’t you say so! Let’s go!” He threw her up on his back and charged off into the forest. Kagome hung on tightly and wished for nothing more than to be miles away from him.



            Miroku sat in the high branches of a tree. A small swarm of wasps buzzed in close by.

            “Ah, there you are, Sweet Monk.” Yuuwakusha’s silvery voice lilted through the forest. Obediently he extended his hand and let the pieces of the jewel fall into her waiting palm. She smiled and kissed him. He lost consciousness and fell out of the tree about thirty feet to the ground, landing flat on his back. Yuuwakusha giggled happily and flew away, the wasps trailing her at just a short distance. She raised her hand and a green vapor surrounded the insects. “No no no,” she scolded. “You’re out of the picture now, Naraku. You’re debt to me is paid.” She herself vaporized and vanished.

            Naraku stood up from his shrubby hiding place. “Oh, you have it wrong, I’m afraid,” he said to the air. “It is YOU who now owe ME.”



            Inuyasha and Kagome found Sango and Shippou only moments after they found Miroku. Sango propped his head up in her lap and stroked his forehead.

            “Houshi-sama? Are you all right?”

            She didn’t need a reply, his hand roved to her rear-end. Sango slapped him and jumped back. Shippou laughed.

            “I guess that’s a yes!”

            Inuyasha didn’t wait for him to speak either. “Where’s the god damned Tama?!”

            “Huh?” He blinked and rubbed his reddening cheek.

            “Don’t be cute! You heard me!”

            “Yes, I did, but what would I be doing with the Shikon no Tama?”

            Kagome knelt down beside him. “You don’t remember stealing it from me?”

            “What!? I did no such thing, Kagome-sama!”

            “Yeah right,” Shippou folded his little arms. “She caught you grabbin’ her boobs and everything!”

            “Well, that sounds like me, but I swear I did not steal it. At least, I do not recall stealing it...”

            Inuyasha made a face. “Kagome, can you see it?”

            The young Miko looked around, but shook her head glumly. “Maybe, I can FEEL it...” She closed her eyes. “Yes, it’s nearby. It might be moving though.”

            Inuyasha frowned. “Point the way.”

            Kirara transformed into her full size and the others mounted her.

            “Do you think this is Naraku’s doing?” Sango asked no one in particular.

            “No. It’s someone else,” Inuyasha replied and sprinted off where Kagome indicated.



            “It’s in there.” Kagome slid down off Kirara and pointed to the mouth of a large cave. They all hesitated for a moment before entering. It was just before dawn. “Inuyasha, do you know something we don’t?” she asked, boldly.

            “No. Just a hunch is all.” He was the first to enter. Miroku used Kagome’s matches to light a torch and they cautiously walked in.

            At the back of the cave, hanging from the walls and ceiling was an enormous, yellowish cocoon. Inuyasha cracked his knuckles. “Is it in there?”


            He took an aggressive step forward.

            “Wait,” Kagome commanded in a very serious tone. “If you slash at this thing without thinking you could damage the Tama.”

            “It’s already damaged, who cares?”

            “Are you forgetting what happened the last time it was damaged!? Do you really want the shards flying all over the island again?”

            Inuyasha sneered. “Are you forgetting that was your fault?”

            “No, but at least I learned from my mistake!”

            Shippou looked up at Sango and Miroku. “What’s going on?”
            “Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side...” Miroku commented under his breath.

            “Looks like someone was GROPED AWAKE...” Sango hissed. Miroku laughed sheepishly. She stepped forward. “Kagome-chan is right. We can’t risk damaging the Tama.”

            “So what the fuck do we do!?”

            “Wait.” Kagome folded her arms. “That’s a cocoon, right? It’s bound to hatch soon, especially with the Tama’s help.”

            “But we don’t know WHAT’ll hatch!!”

            “I’m sure whatever it is, you can defeat it and rescue the shards.” Kagome turned her back on him.

            Inuyasha’s jaw hung loosely. ‘What the fuck is up her ass!?’

            “Kagome-chan, would you come out side with me for a while?” Sango asked, threading her arm through hers.

            “Um, sure.” Kagome sighed and left the men to wonder.


            The girls sat down and watched the sky lighten. Sango didn’t even have to ask. Kagome told her what was bothering her: what she had seen and what she thought about it.

            “I mean... It’s not like we’re a couple or anything, but I just feel so...”

            “Betrayed?” Sango helped.

            “Sort of... I almost feel that, maybe he just likes youkai better. I mean, at least, in that way. Not that I want to... you know...” she sobbed.

            “I know.” Sango hugged her. “Here’s a tip, from an older perspective. Men are idiots.”

            She laughed a bit at this and almost got a chance to feel better when Miroku and Shippou’s cries to come back had them up and running. As she turned, Kagome caught a glimpse of red fabric in the early morning light. He had been within earshot. Inuyasha knew. Her heart snapped again, but she had to run. The cocoon was hatching.