Shinjite Ai No Tsuzuki : Believe Love Goes On

An Inuyasha Fan Fiction Saga by Aoikami Sarah




            Miroku held his shakujou out and Shippou hid behind him. The cocoon glowed. Inuyasha pushed past Kagome and Sango and stretched his arms out.

            "Everyone stay back!" He growled and narrowed his eyes at the brightening light. A low hum emanated from the pod. 'As soon as I see her fucking face, she's dead!' he thought and prepared himself.

            "Shouldn't we be running away!?" Shippou asked, clutching the monk's robes tightly.

            "If for some reason, this is my fault for taking the Shikon no Tama, then I cannot run." Shippou looked worriedly up at Miroku.

            The suspended cocoon split. Light poured from the cracks. A form dropped from its protective casing to the dirty ground and the light faded away. Their eyes took a moment to adjust to the meager torch light. The figure moaned a little and sat up.

            Inuyasha made to lunge forward, but stopped and stared, slack-jawed at the being.

            She ran a hand through her damp, long, white hair. Her ears flicked away some of the embryonic fluid. She looked up at him and moved her hands to cover her ample breasts.

            "Inu-Tou-chan?" she asked, innocently.

            "WHAT!?!" he cried. "What the hell do you mean, 'Doggy-daddy'!?"

            She cocked her head to the side and smiled. "I guess you don't recognize me."

            Sango gripped Kagome's arm. "She looks just like..."

            "Inuyasha..." Kagome finished, completely astounded.

            Shippou puzzled. “Whoa! Inuyasha had a kid?!”

            "NO I DIDN’T! Listen, whoever the fuck you are, what've you done with the Shikon no Tama!?"

            His daughter stood. Under her was the large shard Miroku had stolen the night before. "Shit," she cursed. "I guess I don't have a choice..." She picked it up and to everyone's surprise walked to Kagome and presented it to her. "Here, Miko. You'll have to cleanse this I'm afraid."

            Shippou, still clutching Miroku's robes leaned towards her. "You're just gonna give it back!? Why'd you take it in the first place!?"

            She smiled pleasantly. "I needed it to transform. But since Inuyasha here isn't evil, neither am I. I can't morally keep the thing, much as it would make me incredibly powerful." She turned to Miroku and Inuyasha. "I'm sorry I had to use you boys like that, but you see, I'm a succubus. It's what I do!" She flashed them another happy smile.

            "A succubus!?" Kagome cried. "You mean, you seduced them!?"

            "Uh huh!" she chimed. "But I've gotten what I need, so I won't do it again, promise! Besides, Inuyasha is my father now!" She turned to Miroku. "Sorry, Sweet Monk." The hanyou-succubus waited for a response. Miroku was silent.

            "Oh no! She's got him under her spell!" Shippou cried.

            "Um, no. I think we just need to get her some clothes..." Sango muttered, her face turning purple. Miroku's eyes bulged several inches out of their sockets at the curvaceous, nude hanyou.

            "GET HER SOME CLOTHES!?" Inuyasha screamed. "She's an evil, scheming, fucking slut!!"

            Kagome bit her tong and the urge to agree with him.

            The new-born's eyes watered. "I'm sorry, Tou-chan... All I wanted was a new form. I'd been in that cave for the last three hundred years! Just luring youkai and eating them in order to stay alive! I needed this sort of form; almost human to adapt to the times, but without it's weaknesses. And when you came along... and that marvelous little jewel of yours, I knew the time was right." Tears rolled down her face. "You're upset with me?"

            'Shit.' Inuyasha cursed inwardly. He looked to his friends. Kagome met his eyes for a moment, then looked away. She wasn't on his side, he was sure. Even if she understood why... he had hurt her. Sango took a spare shirt out of her bag and helped the girl dress, enabling Miroku to speak.

            "I don’t quite understand how you can be Inuyasha’s daughter, but I do believe there has been a misunderstanding, and that no one should hold that against you."

            She smiled again. "Thank you!"


            They filed slowly out of the cave. The sun had just risen. The young woman-newborn stretched her arms and made a happy-growly sort of  noise. Inuyasha stood at the mouth of the cave with his arms folded and watched.

            "Introductions are in order, I think," Miroku broke the silence. "I am Miroku, a humble monk. This is Shippou, a fox youkai, Sango, the youkai exterminator, Kagome, the Miko from the future, and you know Inuyasha."

            "Wow," She blinked at them. "Hi! I'm... Well, my last form was called Yuuwakusha. I don't have a name." She pouted.

            Kagome put the Shikon no Tama back around her neck and looked around at the group. She noted Inuyasha's distance. She looked from him to his 'daughter' a few times and made up her mind. "Your name is Houseki."

            The girl blinked again. "Jewel?" she asked and smiled. "I like it! Thank you Mirai no Miko!"

            "Hey! Now that we have two Inuyashas we should be able to get all the shards together real soon!" Shippou cheered.

            "Oi! I AM INUYASHA! SHE IS A FRAUD!" he yelled from his sulking place.

            "I am Houseki. And I'm probably not as strong as Tou-chan, but I'll help in any way I can!"

            They gathered their things and started off into the East. Kagome lingered for a moment when she noticed Inuyasha was still leaning against the mouth of the cave. She turned her head, but could not bring herself to look at him.

            'Great. Just Great.' he thought. 'I can't very well tell the others what she did to me! And I can't accept her! Even though she seems harmless, she's still a succubus.' He turned and punched the rock, creating a large semi-circular crater. 'And now Kagome knows...' He waited till Kagome caught up with others before following.



            Jaken scuttled through the underbrush back to his master. He panted, but had a pleased look on his face.

            "I have news! Sesshoumaru-sama!"

            "Out with it."

            "There is a new woman traveling with the group! And she bears very close resemblance to your worthless brother!"

            The youkai raised a brow. "They will make camp soon," he stated with an air of certainty. "I shall investigate for myself at nightfall."



            It had been a long day. The group had tackled a troublesome bunch of monkey demons with a leader pumped up by a Shikon shard. The shard was small, but still worth the fight. Houseki had been instrumental in keeping the villagers safe as the others fought.

            As the sky darkened, the group found a nice spot outdoors to sleep and made a pot of soba noodles for dinner. They shared stories again this night with their new friend about their journeys and struggles to get all the shards of the Shikon no Tama together. When they spoke of Naraku, Houseki was careful not to ask too many questions; only enough to understand the wrongs these people had suffered at his hands. She dared not tell them that without Naraku's assistance, she would not now be happy.


            The girls pulled out their futons and Inuyasha, who was still keeping his distance, wandered off to find a suitable near-by tree. Houseki handed back her blanket to Kagome. When the girl asked her what was wrong she smiled.

            "Nothing. I'm just not very comfortable on the ground." Houseki followed her father.


            Inuyasha was already perched about 20 feet up in the thick branches of a gingko tree. He grumbled under his breath as he saw her coming.

            "Inu Tou-chan?" she called.

            "What...?" he muttered.

            "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

            Without any utterance of the word 'osuwari', the hanyou bailed out of the tree.

            "What the hell is wrong with you!? I'm your father, remember!?"

            She laughed. "That's not what I meant. I mean can I sleep in the trees like you do?"

            He sighed, relieved and climbed back up into the tree. "Do what you will. I don't care."

            Houseki leapt up into the neighboring tree and leaned against the trunk. "Oyasumi, Tou-chan."

            "Bah." Inuyasha kept one eye open till he was sure that she and Kagome were both sleeping soundly before dozing off himself.


            Houseki woke an hour later and tilted her ears towards a foreign sound. Someone was approaching. The others had had such a hard time battling the pesky monkey youkai earlier that they were sound asleep. She looked over to her father.

            "Tou-san?" she whispered. 'Good.' Houseki dropped out of the tree and walked silently on her bare feet towards the intruder.

            "It's me you want, isn't it?" she asked at a whisper. The butt of a sword came down on her head and she crumpled to the ground.


TRANSLATIONS : Houseki =  jewel . Miko = priestess . Mirai = future . Tou-chan = daddy . Tou-san = dad . Osuwari = sit . Oyasumi = goodnight .