Shinjite Ai No Tsuzuki : Believe Love Goes On

An Inuyasha Fan Fiction Saga by Aoikami Sarah




            Houseki woke a short while later and felt the dew on her face. She sat up and noticed the impressive youkai immediately. She ran a hand through her hair and straightened out her short kimono. "If you wanted to get me alone, you could have just asked me out, Sweet-cheeks."

            Jaken nearly fell on his face. "How DARE you speak to Sesshoumaru-sama in such a fashion!?"

            "Well," Houseki stood up and rubbed the sizable lump on her head. She ignored the toad-like youkai and addressed his master. "Your manners with me were less than chivalrous... so you get what you deserve."

            "Who are you that you have the same appearance as Inuyasha?" Sesshoumaru demanded.

            "Why do I get the feeling you don't like my Tou-chan?"

            "Tou... He's your father? How disgusting! I was planning on using you as bait, but now that I, Sesshoumaru, know this fact, I believe I will kill you right now."

            Houseki narrowed her eyes. Sesshoumaru raised his only hand, dripping with poison, and made to strike.

            "Ah, ah, ahhhh," she scolded. Sesshoumaru froze in place. Houseki beckoned him closer. His eyelids lowered and he obeyed.

            "What have you done to Sesshoumaru-sama!?" Jaken cried and wagged his staff at her.

            "Buzz off kid, I'm working here." Houseki grabbed the staff of heads and punted the little demon off into the forest. "Now that we're alone, tell me, Sesshoumaru was it? Tell me... that you're a pretty boy."

            "Bishounen desu."

            She grinned. "That's right." Houseki leaned in and stroked his face. "You sure are pretty..." Their lips met. Houseki pulled back and spat. "UGH! What the hell!?" She observed him for a moment. "Why do you look so good, but taste so bad?" She shrugged. "Oh well. It's been fun, Fluffy, but I gotta hit the road." Houseki pointed to the ground and he sat down on his haunches. "Good boy!" she giggled and turned to rejoin her friends. Standing in her way was a small, human girl of about 6 years of age.

            "Why Sesshoumaru-sama sitting like that?" she asked in a very innocent voice.

            "He's... Well..." She tried to explain and wondered where the kid came from and how she knew the youkai.

            "Is he feel ok?" she asked, tears welling up in her eyes.

            Houseki smiled. "He'll be just fine after I leave. Promise."

            The little girl held out her hands. "Sesshoumaru-sama gave Rin these." She clutched a dozen brightly-colored ribbons.

            "He did?" She asked and eyed the well-cared for long, white hair. "Hey, I got a fun idea!"



            Inuyasha woke and noticed Houseki was gone. "Shit..." he grumbled. "Oi, Houseki." When there was no answer, he dropped down and looked around. "Houseki?" He sniffed the air. Miroku, Shippou, Sango, Kirara and Kagome were just a few hundred feet away. He could smell breakfast cooking. His stomach called him towards it, but his heart pulled him the other way. "Musume!?" he called and sniffed deeper. "SHIT! Sesshoumaru!"


            Houseki woke and pulled Rin off of her. "Hey kiddo, I gotta go."

            "Mmm?" she muttered and rubbed her eyes.

            "You take care of that youkai, ok?"

            She looked to Sesshoumaru. He was still sitting up, but his hair and tail were covered with a dozen brightly colored bows. Houseki walked over to him and crouched down. "Hey pal. I know you're gonna be pretty steamed when you snap out of my little trance, but I coulda done a hell of a lot worse to ya, trust me." She waved Rin over and motioned for her to crawl into his lap. "You know like I know, that this little one here doesn't stop singing your praises. And I know how unusual it is for a youkai to hang out with a human. So you must really care about her." She flicked a bow with her finger. "Take care, both of you." She smiled, tousled Rin's hair and walked away.

            Within moments Sesshoumaru's eyes opened fully and he repressed the urge to scream. He looked down into his lap. Rin had fallen back asleep. He reached up with his only hand and pulled a ribbon from his hair. He untied it with his teeth and tried to tie it in Rin's hair rather unsuccessfully. He sighed and stroked her dirty, messy hair.


            Houseki nearly slammed into her father as he came charging towards Sesshoumaru's scent.

            "Houseki! You all right!?"

            "Yeah..." she shrugged. "Little tired."

            "Where is Sesshoumaru!?"

            She blinked a little. "Oh, he's probably just snapping out of my little seduction."

            "You..." his eyes widened. "You seduced Sesshoumaru!? Holy shit, you didn't.. you know...?"

            "Nah. I kissed him, but he tasted funny."

            Inuyasha grinned wide. "He ought to, he's your uncle."

            "ACH!" she cried and spit and wiped her mouth again.

            "Why did he grab you?"

            "He wanted to use me as bait."

            "Don't worry, I'll take care of him!" Inuyasha tapped the Tetsusaiga and grinned.

            "Leave him be. He won't bother you again." She waved and walked back to camp.

            Inuyasha sniffed the air. His scent was retreating. Sesshoumaru was leaving the area. He raised a brow.

            "Thanks for lookin' out for me, Tou-chan."

            Inuyasha slumped his shoulders. "Shit."



            A week later, Miroku found the group a nice place to stay at the home of a local aristocrat. Houseki complained of a head ache and found a nice quiet room to lie down in. Dusk fell and Miroku busied himself cleansing the house of evil spirits while Sango and Shippou busied themselves with another task.

            Shippou scuttled off around the corner of the hallway in search of Inuyasha and Sango ducked into the room she and the girls and Shippou would spend the night in. Kagome was busy with her social studies homework.

            “Hi Kagome-chan. How’s your work coming?”

            “Slow. I just can’t seem to concentrate anymore.”

            “You’re not still thinking about.. what happened, are you?”

            “What else,” the girl sighed and closed the book. “This sucks, and Inuyasha seems to be drifting away, doesn’t he?”

            “Well, actually...” Sango grinned. “He asked me to tell you to meet him by the little pond behind the house.”

            Her eyes went wide. “He did?”


            “She wants to meet me where?” Inuyasha asked incredulously.

            “By the pond! Hurry! You don’t want to stand her up, do you?!” The kitsune pushed at him.

            “Well, no.. but... Hey, this smells sorta fishy, Shippou. You sure this isn’t your fucked up idea of a joke?”

            “I assure you it’s not!” he chimed. “Now go or you’ll make her sad some more!”

            Inuyasha made a face and got up. “Goddamn woman,” he muttered to himself as he walked away. “Shoulda left me on that tree... woulda saved her and me the trouble...”


            Miroku finished his obligations to the master of the house and wandered off through the halls in search of loose treasure. He poked his head in each un-occupied room he came to, but the guest quarters were inconveniently free of expensive items.


            Houseki sat by the light of a small oil lamp and brushed her hair. It wasn’t often she got to live more like a human, and she tried to make the best of it. She had her clothes washed and now wore a long kimono with an ornate sakura pattern. Houseki had lied about her head ache. The ache was more figurative. There was something missing in her life. Everything had been wonderful so far: the freedom, her friends. But yet Houseki yearned for something. If she could put her finger on it, she would have used her succubus powers long ago to get it. Whatever it was, she had gone over two millennia without it, so why should she feel so... empty now? Maybe choosing this form had been a mistake. She lifted her hair up to pull out a knot and gasped in horror.

            “What the hell!? Why is my hair black!?” She then noticed that her claws were gone, and her ears sat much lower on her head and were... “Human ears! Oh this must be the day I lose my youkai powers like Tou-san said.” She sighed in relief but gasped again as the door to her little room slid open suddenly.

            “Oh! I’m sorry, I... hello...” Miroku straightened up. “I don’t believe I’ve made your acquaintance.” He stepped forward and bowed deeply. “I didn’t mean to disturb you, Princess...?”

            Houseki blinked a few times and before she called him a dolt for not recognizing her, even without the ears, she noticed the way he regarded her. There was sparkle in his eye, a smoothness to the way he spoke that exhilarated her. Houseki stood and bowed back to him, her silken robes flowing around her. “I am... Tsukiko. You must be the monk who has cleansed or house. I must thank you, Houshi-sama.”

            “The pleasure is all mine,” Miroku crooned. “May I sit with you a while, beautiful princess?”

            Houseki covered her mouth to prevent herself from grinning. “Certainly.”


Bishounen = handsome boy . Musume = daughter . Kitsune = fox . Houshi-sama = priest.