Shinjite Ai No Tsuzuki : Believe Love Goes On

An Inuyasha Fan Fiction Saga by Aoikami Sarah




            Inuyasha woke early the next morning. He strolled down the beach a ways and stripped his clothes off. The water was a little cold, but refreshing. He collected a good bunch of muscles and more fish for breakfast. Kagome had expressed an interest in muscles the night before and he was certain that he would delight her by remembering them.

            He dressed in all but his fire-rat coat, using it to carry the crustaceans, and headed back. Before he got too far, he noticed Houseki coming up over a dune. She waved to him and jogged towards him.

            “Oi, Houseki. Where have you been all night?” he asked with a wink and a nudge.

            She looked out at the crashing waves. “Tou-san, I need to take off for a while... on my own.” He opened his mouth, but she cut him off. “Please don’t ask why, Tou-chan, I’d rather not talk about it. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for Shikon shards and I’ll meet up with you all again... someday.” Houseki looked into her father’s eyes. “Tell Kagome, Shippou and Sango I said good bye... and thank you.”

            She turned and walked down the beach to the south.

            Inuyasha knitted his brows. His daughter was leaving? But he had just gotten used to her, only just began to accept her as a member of the group and as a friend. He scowled. “Matte, Houseki!” he shouted coarsely. She stopped and looked back over her shoulder. Her eyes were watery and soft. “...Where will you go?”

            “Where my heart leads me.”



            “Miroku, why?” Kagome asked, astounded.

            “I just need some time to myself,” he explained. “Please do not think for a moment that I will stop in my quest to find Naraku and destroy him. The monk trained his eyes on Kagome’s. She nodded solemnly. “Please say good-bye to Inuyasha for me.” Miroku put his pack over his shoulder and walked off to the north.

            Sango sat with slumped shoulders and watched him walked away. She hung her head. Kagome came up behind her. “Well, are you going to just let him get away?”

            She stood up. “I suppose not.” She smiled and picked up Kirara. “Kagome-chan, could you take care of Kirara for a while. I’ll be back soon.”

            “On one condition,” she took the youkai-cat from her friend. “That you don’t come back alone!”

            “I promise. You behave, Kirara.” Sango kissed her cat good-bye and waved to Kagome and Shippou as she followed the path Miroku had taken.

            Inuyasha strolled up and held out his bunch of muscles, dripping through the fiber of his coat. “I got you muscles, Kagome.”

            There was no response. Kagome and Shippou were looking off to the north.

            “Hey, where’s Sango going?”

            “She’s leaving us!” Shippou wailed.

            “Her too?!” he shouted.

            “What do you mean, her too?” Kagome asked.

            “Houseki just took off.” The shocked look on Kagome’s face surprised him. He shrugged, but Kagome could tell this upset him.

            Shippou continued to cry. “Then it’s just us now! You’re not going to leave too, are you Kagome?!”

            “No, no, Shippou, of course not.”

            “What the hell is he talking about?”

            “Miroku’s left too. And I think it has to do with Houseki.”

            Inuyasha sighed melodramatically. There was an awkward pause.

            Kagome raised a brow. “Inuyasha, whatcha got that’s dripping in your shirt?”


            “Oh yay!” she cheered. “You remembered!”

            They had a quiet breakfast. There were more than enough muscles to go around, but Inuyasha hardly ate that morning at all.



            Houseki wandered far off to the south, stopping only to rest a bit and to bathe at a hot spring. She removed her clothes and eased into the wonderful water. Her cares floated away as she leaned against a rock and cleared her mind. She knew now exactly what she wanted, but still had no idea how to get it.

            She COULD just use her powers on some poor unsuspecting individual, but she had felt what empty love was like and decided that kind of pain was not worth the fleeting pleasure.

            “What am I worried about,” she grumbled to herself. “I’ve got another 500 years or so to find this... love thing.” Houseki made a face and submerged under the water to clean her hair. ‘I hate waiting!’ she thought.

            When she emerged, she shook the water from her hair and ears and sighed. When she opened her eyes, she caught a glimpse of something moving in the bushed just across the way. Houseki reached underwater and picked up a good sized rock. She hurled it as fast as she could at the bushes. It made a resounding ‘clonk’ as it met its target. A tallish youkai stood bolt upright and started openly at her, one hand on the lump on his head.

            Houseki stood up out of the water and struck a pose. “Like what you see, Etchi?”

            The demon’s eyes went as wide as saucers and he bolted off faster than any living thing she had ever seen. Houseki laughed herself silly and flopped back into the water.

            “Aw...” she thought out loud. “He was sorta cute. Shit.”



            Miroku waved his hand over a small baby, held outstretched in its mother’s arms. The mother smiled and thanked him, and he continued on down the street.

            ‘I better find a paying gig soon,’ he thought as his stomach rumbled. A scream from just up ahead made his eyes light up. “Bingo!”

            Miroku ran towards the sound. Up on the left, a small shop suddenly exploded. A huge, demented-looking toad netsuke growled. A man’s legs stuck out of it’s wooden lips, but not for long. With another gulp, the possessed netsuke swallowed him whole. Miroku assessed the situation and pulled a talisman from his gown.

            “Evil be gone!” he shouted and sent the paper flying towards it’s target. It fried to a cinder on impact. The toad noticed this and stomped out of the remains of the shop. His glassy eyes were focused on the monk.

            ‘I can’t very well suck the netsuke up into the void,’ he thought in a panic. ‘I’d suck the shop-keeper up too!’ The toad lurched forward and Miroku stepped back. “Everyone, stop staring and get away from here!” ‘I must think of SOMETHING!’


            Miroku spun to see the boomerang whiz by and sever the demonic toad in half. Its head floated for a moment before crashing to the ground beside it.

            Sango charged up beside him. “Now! Houshi-sama! Use the talisman!”

            “Right!” Miroku threw out another, this time it did the trick. The netsuke returned to it’s small, wooden form and the shop-keeper was dazed, but alive.

            “Sango...” Miroku finished attending to the damage and finally turned his attention to her. He held a tiny sliver of the Shikon no Tama, found tucked inside the remains of the netsuke between his fingers. “Where are the others?”

            She adjusted her boomerang and fidgeted. “I’m alone. I guess we’re headed in the same direction.”

            He paused, but nodded his head. “I suppose so. Thank you for your help. I guess we make a pretty good team.” He put the shard away and held up a small bag of coins. From this he poured out half and handed them to her.

            She smiled. “I guess so.”

            They walked to the next town to see what help they could bring there.


GLOSSARY : Etchi = pervert . Netsuke = a small carved figurine . Hiraikotsu = Sango’s boomerang