Shinjite Ai No Tsuzuki : Believe Love Goes On

An Inuyasha Fan Fiction Saga by Aoikami Sarah




            Kagome’s arrow arched gracefully through the air and met it’s target: a fleeing crane youkai. The shard dropped out of it’s beak and into Shippou’s hand as he leapt up in the air to grab it.

            “Yatta!” he cheered.

            “Don’t celebrate yet!” Kagome warned. “Inuyasha’s still got his hands full!”

            They both turned and watched as the hanyou burst through the abdomen of the huge pelican that had only just a moment ago swallowed him whole. The Tetsusaiga sung as it slashed through the flesh. He tumbled to the ground and grinned.

            “I told ya I’d give ya the heartburn of your life!” The demon moaned, but still came at him. “Don’t know when to quit, eh?!” Inuyasha raised the sword, and in one final move, eliminated the massive bird.

            “Yatta!” Shippou cried again and ran over to him with the shard. “We did it!”

            “Good job Inuyasha!” Kagome cheered and ran over as well. She slowed down and held her nose. “Woof! What did that bird have to eat!?”


            “You STINK!”

            “Well SORRRRY!” He folded his arms, bile and stomach acid dripped from his sleeves.

            Kagome pointed to a nearby lake. “You! Bath! Now!”

            Inuyasha raised a defensive brow.

            “Osu....” Kagome threatened.

            “All right, all right. Sheesh. Ya could say PLEASE.”

            “It’s hygiene, Inuyasha. That’s a basic courtesy!”

            He mimicked her as he walked away. Shippou tagged along.


            Inuyasha had to jump in fully dressed to get the filth off. He dove under water and swam out a few yards before surfacing. Shippou folded his little arms.

            “Inuyasha, why are you still so mean to Kagome?”

            He stopped swimming and glared at the kitsune. “What the hell are you talking about?”

            “Just now, I saw the faces you were making, that was mean!”

            “Che,” he snorted. “She didn’t see it.”

            “What if she did?”

            “.....” Inuyasha dove back under the water. ‘I wouldn’t have made those faces TO HER FACE. She would have been upset,’ he thought. ‘Why is this brat so interested in this subject anyway?’ He surfaced. “Oi, Shippou. Why do you... Shippou?” Inuyasha looked around, but the kitsune was gone. He got out of the water. “Shippou?! Stupid kid with his stupid tricks. If this is one of your ideas to try and get Kagome and me together, better think again, little fox!”

            He tromped around and decided that there was no ruse. Shippou was gone. Inuyasha went on guard, but too late. He walked into the trap.

            “Kagome and you will never be together... Inuyasha.”

            He spun around. Lying propped up against a tree was Shippou and standing just in front of him was the undead Miko herself.



            “Inuyasha? Shippou?” Kagome called. When there was no answer, she walked towards the lake. Almost immediately, she felt the evil aura. ‘Oh no! They’re in trouble!’ she fretted. She didn’t have to concentrate. Kagome could see the shimmering outline of the force field very clearly. She balled her fists and walked through.

            Inuyasha and Shippou lay against the trunk of a tree. “Guys!” she called, but didn’t take another step. She lurched forward, but her feet were held fast to the ground.

            “It’s just too easy,” a voice cooed from behind. A voice she knew too well.


            Her ancestor walked around her and observed as Kagome struggled against her spell. ‘She’s gotten stronger,’ she thought. ‘I must make this quick!’

            “You let them go!”

            “I will not. Inuyasha must die.”

            “Why do you have to do this?! You love Inuyasha.”

            “I hate him. All that is left for me is hatred. If he lives, I cannot be free.”

            “I.. won’t.. let you!” Kagome took a step towards Kikyo, who was obviously shocked to see her fight.

            “If you won’t be a good girl and sit still, I’ll just have to take my soul back!” she cried and reeled back her hand. Kikyo thrust her arm up to the wrist into Kagome’s chest. The girl screamed. It was searing hot, but no blood issued forth. Kagome panicked, but her eyes fell on Inuyasha and she rallied. “I won’t let you!” she shouted and raised her own hand.

            Kikyo cried out as Kagome’s hand pierced her chest. She didn’t know at first what to do, but soon her instincts took over. Her aura glowed blue like Kikyo’s and her mind trained itself to search for the soul.


            “Yes!” Kagome shouted. “Kikyo! Give me back the rest of my soul! You must rest! This battle is over. If you are me and I am you, you must see that I am right. I love Inuyasha and I will not let you take him from me!!!”

            Kikyo’s hold on Kagome’s soul slipped a little and Kagome took the opportunity to wrap her fingers around what she felt inside her chest. She pulled out a glowing, blue orb and Kikyo’s aura began to fade.

            “You.. truly.. are.. me...” she whispered. “Take care of him... Kagome.” Kikyo’s hand slipped out. A translucent image of Kikyo floated up and the clay-doll body she had been living in fell to the ground at Kagome’s feet, shattering into a hundred pieces. Kagome looked down, still in full Miko mode and observed the whole in her chest. She filled it with the blue orb: Kikyo’s soul, and it sealed back up again, leaving nothing but a tear in her blouse. Kikyo’s ghost, freed of its material form floated over to the tree and kissed Inuyasha on the lips before disseminating on the breeze like smoke. Kagome smiled and passed out.



            More than a day later, Kagome opened her eyes. The light of a single candle danced across the walls of a small room. A warm, purring at her side told her she was safe. Kirara looked up and meowed in greeting. Kagome moaned lightly and instantly, a figure appeared at her side.



            “How ya feelin’?”

            “...Weak.” Kagome saw the light flickering in his eyes. She closed hers again.


            “I’m all right. Are you?”

            He nodded. “I think I know what happened...” the way he said it was like a question. As if to say, ‘I want to know what happened, but I really don’t.’

            “Did you see the clay doll?”

            He nodded.

            “Then you know what happened. She’s gone. Well, at rest, I should say.”

            He swallowed hard. Had she always spoken so well? Did she have more of Kikyo in her now? Would she be different from now on?

            “Inuyasha, could you get me a glass of water?”

            He did so and returned moments later. Kagome could not sit up on her own, but he helped her. She took one sip and lay back down.

            “Inuyasha... please don’t leave the room while I’m asleep.”

            “I haven’t.”

            She smiled and realized that his hand covered hers.

            “I couldn’t do anything...” he whispered.

            She turned her hand over and clutched his. “It’s ok. It was my turn to save YOU.”

            Shippou, who was watching from the doorway, sighed with relief.




            Houseki closed her eyes and felt the warmth of the sun on her eyelids. Soft clouds drifted by. She had been alone for almost a month now and had only just come to terms with her loneliness. Everywhere she went humans fled from her and demons threatened her. She had killed nearly a dozen or so of these lesser youkai and been glad each time that she no longer needed to eat them to survive.

            To her right, she heard a rustling in the undergrowth. Her ear swiveled to catch the sound. Her stalker was closing in. She had only caught glimpses of him since that first time when she was bathing. This time, she decided that she’d feign sleep and see what happened.

            Houseki’s eyelids cooled down as his shadow appeared over her. She could tell he was leaning in close. Her heart raced with excitement. She popped her eyes open and smiled. “Hi there!”

            “Bwa!” shocked, the stalker made to run away, but Houseki held him fast by an ankle.

            “I don’t think so, Pal. You’re going to tell me who you are why the hell you’re following me around, right now!”

            The youkai stuttered. “B..b..b.. baka! I’m Kouga!” Houseki let him go and he stood and glared down at her. She lay on her side and propped her head in her hand.

            “Nice to meet you.”

            “What are you talking about?! You know me!”

            “I do not,” she chuckled, growing amused at this wolf-youkai’s confusion.

            “Inuyasha, I’m not stupid!”

            Houseki cracked up. “Oh yes you are! Have you noticed that I’m female?”

            “Yes!” he shouted back. “Are you... under a curse or something?”

            She laughed again. “No. I’m Houseki. Inuyasha’s daughter.”

            He blinked a few times. “Ohhhhhh...”

            Houseki stood. “So that’s why you’ve been stalking me? Cause you thought I was my tou-chan? Poo. And here I was thinking you thought I was attractive.”

            “Well...” Kouga cocked his head to the side. “I kinda thought you weren’t him, cause you smell good.”

            Houseki blinked.

            “And you’ve got a hell of a body.”

            She was speechless. “I... do? I mean, you think I do?”

            “Yeah! Well, I gotta go. Sorry I bugged you so much.” Kouga turned and ran off into the woods.

            He stopped by a clearing and leaned up against a tree. ‘Damn! I’m so stupid! What the hell was that?! ‘you’ve got a hell of a body!?’ Arg!!!’ Kouga was lost in self-flagellation, but he did hear the rustling of leaves just to his right.

            “Who’s there?”

            Houseki stepped out of the bushes and made a silly face. “Mind if I follow YOU around for a while?”

            Kouga grinned back, relieved. “Why the hell not?”