Shinjite Ai No Tsuzuki : Believe Love Goes On

An Inuyasha Fan Fiction Saga by Aoikami Sarah




            “INUYASHA!!!” she screamed and ran towards him. A hand reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back with incredible force. She shrieked and hit at the person with her free hand, pushing back the disguise. Naraku laughed and snatched the Shikon shards from around her neck. “Thank you so much, Kagome. You really have been quite helpful.”

            “You... you...” she stuttered.

            “Kagome!!!” Shippou screamed as he watched what was happening.

            “RUN SHIPPOU!”

            He didn’t protest. He knew there was nothing he could do. “Come on Kirara!” The cat transformed and flew them far away.

            Kagome wept as she struggled in Naraku’s grip. He sneered and licked the side of her face. “I heard you killed Kikyo.”

            She didn’t respond. Her eyes were trained on Inuyasha.

            “Hm. I have a little punishment set up for you, Miko.” Naraku carried her, kicking and fighting over to the well.

            ‘He’s sending me home?’ she wondered.

            Naraku passed his free hand over the well, casting a spell over it. “Have fun in whatever time you end up in, and know for the rest of your days... that I WON.”

            “What!? No!!!” she screamed as he threw her down the well.



            Kagome came to in the bottom of the well. She heard murmuring voices and sat up. She held her head. “What... what happened?”

            Cautiously, she clawed her way out of the well. It was a bright, sunny afternoon and the sun poured in through the shrine’s door. “How did I get home?” she wondered and stepped out into the sunshine.

            The visitors to the shrine were dressed in traditional Japanese kimono, and many of the men were dressed in strange, western-style suits. There were two white foreigners in the crowd. She turned and looked towards her house. It wasn’t there. The shrine was the same, only the wood it was made from was still very blond and new.

            “That’s weird...” she thought.

            “Can I help you?” a young priest asked her. He was tall and dressed just as her grandfather dressed.

            “Um, no. I just need to use the well again.” She smiled politely and jumped back down.


            Kamiya Kaoru rang the bell and prayed to her ancestors. She spied the collection box and grimaced. ‘I feel so bad, not being able to contribute, but since we’ve fallen on such rough times, I can’t afford to give anything away. I wish there was something I could do that doesn’t involve money. Maybe I can perform a charitable act,’ she thought. Kaoru got up and went to find the priest.


            Kagome landed on her butt and made a face. “What the...?” She suddenly realized that the Shikon shards were gone. “Oh my god! I’m trapped!” she cried. “What happened?! Where’s Inuyasha!?”

            “Excuse me, Miss?” a voice called down. “Could you please come out of the scared well?”

            She sniffed, but agreed and climbed out. “Excuse me, but could you tell me when I am?”

            “Well you’re... when?”

            Kagome nodded.

            “About 3:30 in the afternoon...”

            “No, what year please?”

            The priest looked on her with pity. “Poor dear, she’s mad! This is 1877.”

            Kagome moaned. “Well, at least I have another hundred twenty something years before I have to take another test...”

            “Do you have a home I should send you to?”

            “Not for a while...” she moped. “It’s over there where those wisteria bushes are.”

            A young woman approached them. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but over hear. If you’d like, you could stay with us!”

            The priest brightened. “You would do that, Kamiya-san?”

            “Sure. I got enough nutjobs hanging out already.. what’s one more!” she smiled. When Kagome sighed she changed her tone. “What I mean is I have a big house you can stay at with lots of cool people to talk to until you get your bearings. Whaddaya say?” Kaoru smiled again.

            “Sure. Why not.”

            “I’m Kamiya Kaoru. What’s your name?”

            “Higurashi Kagome.”

            The priest looked at her. “I’m Higurashi Junichiro, how strange!”

            “Heh,” she laughed. “Not to me, it isn’t”



            Kirara streaked across the sky. Shippou cried and tried not to look back.

            “Kirara! We must find your Sango and the others!” Myoga advised her. The demon cat growled and dove down. “Where are you going!?” the flea screamed.

            She hit the ground and dropped Shippou as she transformed.

            “Hey! wait!” Shippou called after her as she ran into Kaede’s house. The kitsune was overjoyed to see his friends and even happier that Myoga could tell them the story while Sango held him in her arms and shushed him.

            “This is terrible,” Miroku repeated.

            “What can be done if we have lost the Tama?” Kaede wondered.

            “We must do something.” Sango stared at the floor as she stroked Shippou. She held him like a baby. Tears still glistened on her cheeks. Shippou was falling asleep. “I cannot give up.”

            “Sango...” Miroku watched her carefully. Something about his love had changed. She was so intense and sad recently, going on about Naraku like that... He wanted to kill him if only to make her smile again. “If only we knew where Houseki was...”

            “Who’s Houseki?” Myoga asked. They gave him the short story and decided that he should take Kirara and search Houseki out. He left after admonishing them that they should wait till he got back before investigating the scene.



            After lunch Kagome helped Kaoru mop the floors. Kaoru had protested, feeling that it wouldn’t be charity work if she had her guest doing chores, but Kagome insisted. She was given a Kimono to wear for modesty’s sake. A man and a boy walked into the enclosure and greeted them.        

            “Kagome-chan, this is Himura Kenshin and Myojin Yahiko. They stay here too. Guys, this is Higurashi Kagome. She’ll be staying with us for a while.”

            They had brought back tofu and vegetables from the market and all sat down to lunch.

            “Don’t get too spoiled, Kagome,” Yahiko warned. “Kenshin’s the only good cook around here.”

            He was promptly whacked over the head with a mallet. “Watch it, brat.”

            “It’s true, your cooking sucks!”

            “Guys, it’s ok,” Kenshin tried vainly to stop them.

            Kagome just laughed. “You remind me of...” she stopped and looked down at her half-eaten rice ball.

            The fight stopped. “Of who, Kagome-chan?” Kaoru asked.

            “My friends. I have no idea if they’re even alive right now.”

            “Where are they?” Yahiko asked.

            “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

            Kenshin wondered what secrets she held. Kaoru pouted but noticed something. “Hey, looks like we have visitors.”

            Standing in the entry way to the dojo grounds, reading the sign which read “Kamiya Dojo” was Sango and Miroku.

            “Guys!!!” Kagome yelled and jumped up. Miroku dropped his staff and embraced her. “I was so worried! What happened!?”

            Sango gasped. “You mean you don’t know?”

            She shook her head. “I don’t remember.” Kagome looked at Sango strangely. Not only was she wearing her hair up, but she was clutching a bundle to her chest. “You didn’t...?”

            “No!” Sango blushed and showed her that the ‘baby’ was only Shippou. He stuck his tongue out. “We had a bit of a scuffle with the temple priest.”


            “You really don’t remember?” Miroku asked.

            “Not a thing. All I know is that my shards are gone. Where is Inuyasha?”

            They looked at each other.

            “Never mind. I don’t want to know. Not yet. Let me be ignorant for a little while longer.”

            “Myoga’s gone to look for Houseki.”

            “So there’s still hope?” she asked.

            Miroku nodded. “I wish I’d listened to Myoga. Maybe combined we could...”

            Sango shook her head, discouraging him from speaking on the subject further.

            “I’m sorry, Kagome. I guess there’ll be plenty of time for that later.”

            She nodded. “Well, come here. This nice woman Kaoru is letting me stay here. Maybe we all can stay.” They were introduced and Kaoru gladly accepted them into her house.