Shinjite Ai No Tsuzuki : Believe Love Goes On

An Inuyasha Fan Fiction Saga by Aoikami Sarah




            Inuyasha was stunned. He leapt out of the way just late enough to get caught by some of the sharp slashes of blood. His right sleeve slit open and hung loosely. He bared his fangs. ‘What can I do!?’ he thought in a panic. ‘I can’t hurt her, but if I don’t do something...’ he jumped back as she slashed at him again. ‘...She may hurt me! Those shards are making her crazy strong!’ He jumped up into the branches of a tree and looked around for an idea. “Kagome, get the hell out of here!” he shouted.

            “No! I won’t leave you!”

            “Don’t be stupid!” he yelled, but was cut short as he fled the trees from Houseki’s advances. She snarled and clawed at him. They faced each other on the ground. Her eyes were narrowed and smoldered with false hate. “Houseki, snap out of it!” Inuyasha shouted. “You don’t want to hurt us. Naraku is controlling you,” he growled.

            As if on cue, Naraku cackled from his hiding place. “How right you are.”

            “Yarou! This is the last fucking straw!” Inuyasha tried to leap over Houseki to get to Naraku, but she caught him and gave him four deep gashes in his abdomen. He was forced to turn his attention back to his daughter.

            “I don’t wanna do this, butcha leave me no choice!” he shouted and punched her square in the face. Houseki leaned backwards, but stayed on her feet. She straightened up and grinned. Blood dripped from the cut Inuyasha’s knuckles had made on her cheek.

            ‘Damnit!’ he thought. ‘I’m doing damage, but those shards and his spell on her just keep her going!’ “I’m sorry, Houseki-chan. I really don’t wanna do this!” Inuyasha pushed his feelings aside and fought with only the desire to protect his friends. He landed punch after punch, each time praying that she would just fall down. Houseki backed up as she took each blow. They were getting closer to Naraku, who watched with great amusement.

            “I thought you might be a match for her, even with the shard advantage, but I took this into consideration,” he commented idly. “I could have made her a full Youkai, but what fun would that have been...?” Naraku reached into his white, baboon fur-disguise and removed the Tetsusaiga. “When she could fight you with your own sword!”

            “Wha...?” Inuyasha blinked. Houseki back-flipped away from him and gracefully took the blade from Naraku. It transformed and hummed as she slashed at the air with it. Houseki screamed and charged her father.

            He dodged as best he could, but she was fast. Soon, he was backing up against the tree-line. Inuyasha pulled the scabbard out of his belt and protected himself from a strike that surely would have killed him.


            “Houseki!” Kagome shouted. “Stop it!!” Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Miroku gnashed his teeth in frustration. Sango and Shippou hugged each other.

            “Kagome...” a voice to her left made Kagome jump.


            He was dragging himself out of the bushes. His face was black and blue and one of his legs appeared to be horribly broken. He was pulling a quiver and a bow behind him.

            Kagome nodded and jogged over to him.


            Houseki reached around with her bare foot at pulled one of Inuyasha’s legs out from under him. He crashed to the ground. Houseki pressed down with the fang. He could hear the scabbard start to crack. “Houseki... come on, please snap out of it! It’s me! Inuyasha!”

            “Inu...” she said in a grave, unfamiliar voice. “...Tou-chan?” She blinked her eyes. They focused. “Tou-chan help me. Kill me before I kill everyone!” she hissed.

            Inuyasha was astounded, but he didn’t relax. Houseki’s eyes went milky again and she reverted to Naraku’s power. She snarled and leaned down harder against the scabbard.


            “Houseki!” Kagome shouted again. She raised her bow and took aim. She made sure the girl saw her before she let the arrow fly.

            Houseki screamed in pain as the arrow dislodged a Shikon shard from her spine.

            “Bingo!” Kagome cheered and readied another arrow. Houseki dropped the Tetsusaiga and turned her attention on a new target.

            “Kagome, look out!” her friends cried from the sidelines.

            “Wha..? She looked up and saw the hanyou, bloodied and savage, charging towards her. She froze in place. ‘Oh no, I’m going to die...’ Kagome thought.

            “Houseki!!!” Inuyasha shouted. He grabbed his sword. It became the fang again. ‘No time!’ he thought, and threw the blade at his daughter.


            Houseki stopped her pursuit only a few feet from her target. The tip of the Tetsusaiga pierced the front of her kimono. She fell forward. Kagome had to step back to get out of the way. When she hit the ground, they could see the sword shrink back to it’s normal state and fall slowly out of the oversized wound. She started to get back up, but almost as quickly as she had gone down, a swarm of Naraku’s bees were upon her, removing the Shikon shards which were keeping her going.

            Crazed, Inuyasha rushed forward, scaring Kagome. He pulled the sword out of his daughter’s back and ran at full speed towards Naraku.

            “Naraku!!!!” he screamed and using the full power of his father’s blade, leveled half the forest. He rushed to where he had last seen Naraku. The white, baboon disguise floated down and landed on the ground. It was unharmed. ‘No. He got away... again.’ Inuyasha stood there in disbelief for a few moments.


            Kagome fell into a sitting position and stared at Houseki. Miroku and the others rushed over to help. Kagome couldn’t speak to tell them, but they tried to help her anyway. She saw the wounds that had opened up after the shards were removed. She saw the huge puddle of blood that was quickly inching towards her. She could feel the life force fade away. Inuyasha ran back and scooped Houseki up. He urged them to follow as soon as possible and bounded off through the woods towards Kaede’s village.



            Sango and Miroku stood with their arms around each other and watched the sun set. Kirara and Myoga hung close by. Shippou helped Kagome tend to Kouga’s wounds. He was healing, albeit slowly. Kouga and Inuyasha watched the door to Kaede’s hut with unblinking eyes.

            Finally, the crone emerged. She bowed her head and shook it slowly. Inuyasha slumped his shoulders.

            “No!” Kouga leapt up from the ground, nearly knocking Kagome over and bounded into the room. He slowed as he saw her. Houseki’s face was ashen. Her eyes were closed and he mouth hung open a little. Kaede had done her best to close the many lacerations their battle with Naraku had caused. Kouga fell to his knees and gently pulled her body into his lap. He cradled her and kissed her, whispering a secret farewell.

            Inuyasha watched from the doorway. Miroku had guessed right. Kouga had fallen in love with her. The wolf youkai laid her back down respectfully and left the room. He met Inuyasha’s eyes briefly. The hanyou had to look away, the pain in them was too great.

            Kouga walked out of the village and into the coming night, alone.


            Inuyasha spent only a few moments in the house before he too emerged and walked off in another direction.

            “Inuyasha...” Kagome whispered.

            “Just... gimme a while...” he whispered back and walked into the woods in the direction of the God Tree.



            The sky darkened. The humidity increased and made everyone uncomfortable. Preparations for the funeral were made in haste in fear of rain. Everyone did their best to help. Kagome started to get worried as twilight set it and headed out where she knew he would be.

            A few drops fell as she neared the God Tree. Inuyasha looked up into its branches and let the rain that escaped its leaves cool his face.

            “I hate this,” he said at an almost imperceptible volume.

            Kagome took his hand and guided him into her embrace. Inuyasha broke down and wept against her shoulder.



            Kaede and Miroku said prayers as the funeral pyre was lit. The flames soon obscured the figure of their friend: the strange girl they hardly got to know. Kagome threw flowers into the fire. Inuyasha stepped forward.

            “I...” he began, the smoke getting in his eyes. “I want to say I’m sorry... that I killed Houseki...”

            There was a general outcry of his friends telling him that it wasn’t his fault, blaming Naraku and praising him for saving Kagome.

            “And I’m sorry I didn’t get the bastard... AGAIN!” he shouted.

            Sango hid her tears as she wept into Miroku’s robe. He stoked her hair with his shielded hand. The group went silent. No one was looking as a strange expression befell the young monk’s face. He slid out of Sango’s arms and excused himself.

            “Ningen funerals are so sad!” Shippou sniffed and hugged Kagome.

            “I know, Shippou.”

            Miroku walked a few paces away and put his back to the group. ‘I must be going crazy...’ he thought as he massaged his hand. It felt... different. He quietly unwrapped the beads from the shield and cautiously peeled back the leather.


GLOSSARY : Yarou = bastard, despicable person.