The Android’s Saga

The Android’s Wings

A Dragonball Z - Outlaw Star Crossover Fanfiction by Aoikami Sarah


Written around March 16th 2001


Chapter One


     It was another brilliantly beautiful day. Another dawn greeted the town and its people smiled as they woke. Commerce bustled, children played and the town was alive with energy and enthusiasm.

     When a spaceship plowed into the local potato farmer’s fields, everyone was naturally very surprised. Word spread fast and within moments all the inhabitants were crowding around the smooth, yellow ship. There was some discussion as to whether this was just an airbus, but the one man who had ever left the village once in his life protested that he had never seen an airbus that large and strange-looking before.

     A stranger in a long cloak saw the commotion from the road and made her way towards the wreck. She pushed gently past the rural folk and climbed up the crumpled fuselage.

     “Hey, lady! I don’t know if that’s such a hot idea, there!” a man protested. “There could be horrible space aliens inside!” He pulled his cheeks out with his fingers and made what he considered to be a horrible face. “They’ll eat our brains and turn our cows inside out!”

     Most of the crowd moaned with trepidation and a few of the village women fainted.

     “That would be something,” she replied and kept climbing. The crowd stood back and watched.


     The hatch was still compressed and difficult to open; a good sign; any beings inside would not have been exposed to the outer atmosphere as their ship fell to Earth. Air hissed through the opening as she pulled the hatch free and tossed it aside as if it were a sheet of paper. The crowd stepped back a few paces and muttered to itself. The interior was dark and the ship was on its side. She slid in across the floor and stood on the far wall.

     ‘They must have been able to pull up at the last moment,’ she thought as she touched the doors to the cabin. The nose had suffered little damage. “This better be good,” She gripped the crack where the doors met and pulled them apart easily. Inside, a few small instrument lights still blinked their warnings to the crew. One man was slumped on the screen. A small pool of blood glistened in the dim blinking lights.

     “Great,” she sighed and pushed back her cowl. “I go to all this trouble and he’s dead.” She pulled his head up by his black hair. “AND ugly. Woof.” She let his head fall back down and was surprised to hear a groan.

     “Oh. Sorry, pal. You sure are close to it, though.. and you are rather unattractive.” She reached around and picked him up. She slung him over her shoulder and began to drag him out of the cabin.

     To her left, static hissed into life. The blond woman stopped and waited. It resolved itself as the auxiliary power was allotted.

     “Wait! Please don’t leave me!”

     “Huh?” She turned and looked in the direction of the voice. There was a glow brightening around the center column. She dumped the body on the ground and investigated.

     On a monitor, flickering with white noise was the image of a green-haired young man. “Please,” he begged. “Don’t take my brother. Don’t leave me!”

     “Your brother?” she asked.

     “Yes, please. He needs help and I’m the only one who can give it to him. You must take us both!”

     “What if I don’t want to take either of you?” she crouched down and raised a brow.

     “Fine. The Aux Power will give out in another 15 minutes and we’ll both be dead. Just please don’t separate us.”

     “But... You’re just an artificial intelligence...”

     “Yeah. I wasn’t always. Please. I can transfer myself to that portable unit over there. Take me too!”

     She looked around and saw what looked like a lap-top plugged into the console. “Ok.. whatever. At least you don’t take up much space.”

     “Thank you! Thank you! You are my Angel!”

     “You don’t know me very well, kid.”

     “Kid!” A tiny camera whirred as it zoomed in and scrutinized her. “You don’t look a whole lot older than I do.”

     “Looks can be deceiving.”

     “Well, tell me you name at least, Angel.”

     “It’s Number Eighteen. Who are you?”

     He was silent for a moment. He raised a brow and smiled. “I’m Harry. Harry MacDougal.”


Chapter Two


     Eighteen set the laptop down on a lab table and carried Harry’s brother to a regeneration tank. She lay his body down, stripped it of it’s clothes and ogled it for a moment before walking over to the laptop.

     “Hello, Angel,” Harry beamed as his monitor came on.

     “How do you know it’s me? Your camera’s not hooked up yet. And my name is Eighteen.”

     “I just knew it was you. And that’s no name for someone as beautiful as you.”

     “Again,” she said grouchily. “You can’t see me and flattery will get you absolutely nowhere, kid.”

     “Ok, ok. I’m sorry. How’s Ron?”

     “Your brother? Living. Barely. You need to get to work.”

     “Yeah, you know I’d love to, but without the ship or nice set of arms, I’m pretty useless.”

     Eighteen rolled her eyes. “Let me guess. You want me to do all the work.”

     “You’ll have to try. You wouldn’t begin to understand what I have to do.”

     “Try me. I happen to be fairly well versed in cybernetic human bio-tenchnology. I assume you guys are human or at least close to it?”

     Harry’s image blinked a few times, then grinned. “Yeah, we are. Or were.”

     “I see he’s about 90% bionic.” Eighteen plugged the camera in and set it up. It swiveled and focused first on Ron in the distance then on Eighteen.

     “Just about. Could you be my arms, Angel? Please?”

     She folded her arms. “As long as you stop calling me Angel.”

     “Sorry. Eighteen.”

     “Better. Let’s get to work.”




     Ron was sleeping peacefully. They had worked for ten hours or more and dawn was approaching. Harry cocked the image of his head to the side and the camera whirred.

     “I am impressed, Miss Eighteen. You are quite skilled for a woman so young!”
     “And I’m also not tired,” she said and jumped up to sit on the table across from his monitor. “I’m not very impressed with you, however Harry. For someone who’s done so much work on his own, you appear to be completely oblivious.”

     “Oblivious?” he asked. “What have I missed, Miss Eighteen?”

     She narrowed her eyes at him. “Or you’re just playing dumb. Let’s see shall we?” she jumped down from the counter. Her fingers stretched out for the laptop’s keyboard.

     “What.. what are you doing?” he asked, a hint of panic in his digitized voice. The camera turned from Eighteen to Ron quickly then back again. “Is this a set up?! Did they Kei Pirates send you!?”

     “Kei Pirates?” she scoffed. “I found your helpless ass. That’s all. I just want to see something. I’m not going to hurt you,” Eighteen reassured him. She fought his encryption and easily accessed Harry’s AI files. “Hm. You’re only a few months old!”

     “I was 19 when I was converted.”

     She nodded, but pressed on. “Where is Blue Heaven?” she asked, her interest was piqued.

     “About 1.5 light-years from here.”

     Another nod. “And the Shangri-la is your ship?”

     “Was our ship. Miss Eighteen, if there’s anything you want to know, you can ASK, you know.”

     “I know, but I’m not sure you’d tell me the truth.” She logged out and looked at the monitor. “So, you’ve only been an AI for a few months. Do you like it?”

     Harry’s image frowned. “It’s got it’s good points and bad points.”


     “Well, I can live forever and go anywhere.”


     “But I don’t have any hands. I can’t feel anything. I can’t wake up or go to sleep. I can’t cry.”

     Eighteen was about to speak when a moan from the back of the room distracted them both.

     “Ron!” Harry cheered. “Are you awake, Ron?”

     “Harry...?” he asked blearily and pushed himself up out of the open cradle-shaped, regen tank. “Where are we?”
     “You’re in my lab.” Eighteen folded her arms and observed him.

     “And you are...?” he asked.

     “She’s our savior, Ron! Her name is Number Eighteen.”

     “Savior, huh?” he rubbed his arm and checked himself out. “You do this?”
     “Yes. You were in pretty rough shape.”

     “So, what do you get out of it?”

     Harry looked concerned as if he hadn’t thought that she would want something in return.

     “Now that you mention it,” she grinned and shifted her weight. “I need to do one more thing for you first.

     “Oh?” Ron asked.

     “I’m going to fix your ship.”

     Ron walked up to her. “All right. Who do you work for?”

     “Ron, she’s ok! She’s from this planet...”

     “What’s your story, Number girl?” he asked again roughly.

     “It’s too long. But I assure you, what I want from you is completely harmless.”

     “I don’t believe you,” he snarled and reeled back to hit her.

     As Ron’s hand came down, Harry screamed out for him to stop. The arm did stop. In Eighteen’s grip. She held the cybernetic arm firmly and looked into his eyes.

     “Believe it.”

     “What are you?!” Ron tried to pull free.

     “Harry, this is what I was surprised you didn’t pick up on, but what I discovered you guessed.”

     He gasped. “Ron! She’s a bio-android!”

     “What!? A bio-android, this strong!?”

     “Stronger. I’m being gentle. If I was your enemy, you would have both been dead hours ago. I need you guys. I need your ship and your knowledge of the universe. I need to get off this rock. I will repair your ship if you take me with you when you go.” She released him and folded her arms again.

     They were both silent.

     “Now. Let’s go, shall we?”

     “I can fix my own ship.” Ron glowered at her.

     “I can help.”

     “We don’t want your help.”


     “Shut up, Harry. She’s entranced you. You’re not thinking clearly.”

     “Fine.” Harry’s image frowned. “Then I want something else from you.”

     Eighteen looked a little shocked.

     “I can see it there in the corner. I want it.”

     She looked over where he was indicating. When she moved everything useful out of the wreckage of the lab, she had found it. The last of the series. Still untouched.

     Eighteen closed her eyes. “No.”


     “No! You don’t know what that is! What we are...”

     “I know you’re an android and that thing over there is my only chance for ever having a real body again. Like yours. Please, Miss Eighteen. Please give it to me!”

     “What are you talking about, Harry?”

     Eighteen walked over to the corner. She easily pulled the five-hundred pound casket out and brought it into the middle of the room. She pressed a large button and the hydraulic lid whispered open.

     “This is Number Twenty One.”

     The Android was spooky-looking, nude, tall, thin and hairless like a doll. His eyes were closed.

     “Please,” Harry whispered again.

     “All right. It will take some time,” she said and closed her eyes again.

     Ron stepped up to the android and looked down on her. “I don’t care how strong you are. You do anything to my brother, I will kill you.”

     She didn’t bat an eye.

     “Don’t worry, Ron,” Harry soothed him. “My Angel won’t hurt me.


Chapter Three


     The villagers kept their distance as the impossibly strong man worked on the huge yellow space ship. He had intimidated them into silence and cooperation. The repairs were nearly complete.


     Ron walked back into the cave entrance of Eighteen’s lab and made himself comfortable in a chair he had taken from the village. He watched the android woman put finishing touches on the body. Each aqua colored hair was woven in by her rapid and skilled hands.

     “Incredible,” he mused.

     “You don’t mean to tell me you’re finally appreciating my work, Ron?”

     “Perhaps. I still trust you about as far as I could throw you.”

     Eighteen simply nodded.

     “Why do you want off this planet?” he asked and got up. “Seems like a nice place.”

     She snorted a little. “Nice. Boring, but nice.”

     “So it’s adventure and excitement you want, then?”

     Again she nodded.

     Harry’s face popped up on the laptop to their backs. “Don’t worry. You hang out with us, you’ll find plenty of that!”

     “Who said she’s gonna hang out with us?” Ron growled. “I agreed to take her into space. She’s on her own after that.”

     “Ron...” Harry whined.

     Eighteen finished the hair and stood up. “I’m right here, Ron. No need to refer to me in the third person.”

     He made a face and went back to his chair. “How much longer, Number Eighteen? When will Harry’s body be ready?”

     “Not much longer now. I have to triple check everything, then feed Harry’s AI data in. That’s the really tough part.”

     Harry’s image raised a brow. “Why?”

     “I’ve never done this before. I assume the data will transfer smoothly, but...”

     “But?” he asked.

     She shrugged.

     Ron narrowed his eyes. “Like I said, anything goes wrong, I kill you.”





     Eighteen picked up the laptop and brought it over to the body. “Ok, Harry, I have to attach this optical line to you,” she said and plugged a fiber optic cable into a tiny port in the android body’s left temple.

     “All right.”

     She plugged the BNC connection to the laptop. “This will actually be really easy. I can’t imagine how the doctor made us or himself into androids.”

     “The doctor?” Ron asked.

     “The man responsible for this technology.”

     “What happened to him?”

     She thought for a second before answering. “My brother killed him.” To prevent Ron from asking further questions, she got to work. “Ok. Let’s do this. Harry? The initialization protocol is in place. Anytime you’re ready, go ahead and attempt upload.”

     “Can’t he just copy himself over?” Ron asked, getting nervous.

     “This is his soul we’re talking about, Ron. There can only be one Harry MacDougal.”

     “Ready!’ Harry chimed. His camera eye swiveled for the last time. “See you in a sec, Ron!”

     “Good luck, Harry.”

     Eighteen folded her arms and closed her eyes in silent prayer as a status bar replaced Harry’s face on the screen.


     Ron and Eighteen held their breath, watched and waited. A soft pinging sound signaled the completion of the transfer. The monitor displayed a simple question mark, indicating that the laptop lacked an operating system.

     “Come on...” Ron gritted his teeth. “Where the hell is he?!”

     Eighteen held up a hand and listened. “Harry?”

     The android’s violet eyes fluttered open. He grinned, sat up and removed the BNC cable from his head. He looked at it, then at the laptop with the steadily blinking question mark.

     “Harry?” Ron asked.

     Harry tilted back his head a little and cackled like a mad man. He leapt off the table and danced around the room. He wiggled his fingers and his toes. He clapped his hands together. Harry then realized that the others were staring at him. He ran over and hugged his brother tightly, laughing wildly. He then hugged Eighteen. She made a face, but let him do it.

     “Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!” he shouted. “I have hands! And feet!”

     “There’s a lot more to it than that,” Eighteen tried to say, but Harry was too excited.

     “Oh! Let’s get out of here! All of us!”

     Ron narrowed his eyes at Eighteen. She shrugged and all three of them left the lab for the Shangri-la.


Chapter Four



     “Space,” Eighteen whispered. “So black...”

     “You don’t mean to tell me that you’ve never been out here?” Harry asked, astounded.

     She shook her head slowly.

     “So.” He sat down at the window and watched the stars fly by with her. “How many years did you spend on that rock before we came along?”

     “I’m not sure, about a hundred.”

     Harry blinked at her, but laughed. “You know, I keep forgetting you’re an android!”

     “I don’t.” She frowned. “Harry, there will be a day when you will regret what you have let me do to you.”

     “Never,” he said curtly. “I wanted this. I will always be thankful.” Harry reached out and touched Eighteen’s face. She blushed and hesitated before pulling away.

     “Harry, I’m old enough to be your great grandmother.”

     “I know, you told me.”

     The ship hummed along as they flew through space.

     “How long till we get to...” Eighteen made a face. “Where are we going, anyway?”

     “Blue Heaven,” Harry answered. “Shouldn’t be too long now.”

     “Sounds good.”

     “I can take you out and show you around when we get there... that is, if you’d like, Miss Eighteen?”

     She gave him a sidelong glance and smiled. “Sure. You can if you want.”



     Ron finished getting authorization codes and docked the Shangri-la. He put on his sun glasses and called for his brother. When he saw the woman with him his temper rose.

     “Damn it Harry. Haven’t you gotten rid of her yet?”

     Eighteen squinted up at him. “I’m just as anxious to never see you again too, Fugly.”

     “Great.” Ron ignored her. “I’ll be back by 1. I have some business to take care of. She doesn’t get back on this ship, Harry, got that?”

     “Sure, sure, Ron.” Harry waved as they walked away, out of the hangar and into the bustle of Blue Heaven.



     Harry sat on a chair and watched the curtain, anxiously. Eighteen came out and turned around.

     “Wow! That looks GREAT!”  Harry exclaimed.

     “Are you sure? This thing looks like a tent on me...” The dark blue poncho hung from her shoulders and fell past her skirt line. “Styles are very strange out here in space. I think I like my space-suit better.”

     “I’m not denying that,” he smirked. “But this looks really great.”

     “As long as you’re paying, I’ll have to agree.”



     They walked along the courtyards and window shopped for a while. They even got some ice cream together. Eighteen sighed and suddenly wished that she COULD go with this strange, attractive young android. What would she do? Where would she go from here? As she was lost in thought, she didn’t realize that Harry had stopped to look at some jewelry. She collided with some one.

     “Oh! I’m sorry!” a soft, cheery voice apologized.

     Eighteen looked up and saw a dark haired woman who just happened to be wearing the exact same outfit as she was.

     “Someone suckered you into that too, eh?” she muttered.

     “What?” she asked, but her eyes moved past her. “Oh my... Harry MacDougal?!”

     Eighteen looked behind her. Harry’s eyes were wide. He dropped what was left of his ice cream cone on the ground. “Melfina...”

     That name was familiar. When she had hacked his memory banks, it was all over. Eighteen frowned and ripped her own poncho off. “Very cute, MacDougal.”

     “No.. Eighteen, it’s not what you think!”

     “Oh yes it is! And here I was trying to think of a way I could be nice to Ron so I could come with you!”

     Melfina backed up a few paces, but watched the fight.

     “Angel, please...”

     “I told you not to call me that! Screw you, Harry!” She turned and tried to storm away but slammed into yet another person. Eighteen growled and pushed the man out of her way and through a plate-glass shop window. “Get outta my way!”

     “Gene!” Melfina cried.

     “Starwind...” Harry growled.

     “What the hell is going on?!” Gene struggled to free himself from the glass and the angry shop keeper. “You’re dead!”

     “Obviously not! And now I’m unstoppable!” he cackled and leveled his hand at the man.

     “Harry!” Eighteen stopped and called out. “Don’t! Not here!”

     Melfina stretched out her arms. “No!” she yelled. “Stop this, Harry.”

     “Everything is ruined now!” he seethed. “And it’s all your fault, Gene Starwind!!”

     All she wanted to do was walk away, but she couldn’t. She was about to wish she had.


     As all four of them stood, waiting for something to snap, a communication came in on Harry’s inset comm device. “What?!” he cried. “Damn it!” He began running back to the Shangri-la, but stopped and turned to face Eighteen.

     “I know you hate me, but if you want to come with us, better come now.”

     She looked surprised. “But what about Ron?”

     “He asked me to bring you. We’re gonna need all the help we can get!”

     Eighteen nodded and ran after him. Gene lumbered out of the window and leveled a blaster at them. He never fired it, too astounded to see the woman take Harry by the hand and lift off into the air. They flew away so fast that they left a vapor trail.



     Ron was at the helm, waiting impatiently, but was still surprised that his brother got there so fast.

     “What the hell is she doing here!?” he barked.

     “I thought you said he wanted me along!” Eighteen frowned.

     “Look, Ron, we’re gonna need her!”

     “Mind telling me what I’m going to be such a big help with?”

     “Kei Pirates. They’ve found us. Damn it, I knew it was too chancy to come out here so soon!” Ron got the Shangri-la out of dock and blasted off. “Harry! Jack in and get to work!”

     “What can I do, Ron?”  Eighteen stared at him, wondering what was so horrible about simple pirates.

     “Sit back and keep out of the way. We’ll handle it.”

     “Grapler arms are engaged and ready, Ron.” Harry monotoned from his post.

     Ron navigated through asteroids and ships gathered around Blue Heaven. A colorful space ship was brought up on the screen. The brothers tried every evasive maneuver they had up their sleeves. Soon, it was apparent that there were other forces at work against them. She heard a strange whispering sound.


     “What the hell was that?!” Eighteen asked, alarmed.

     “Shit!” Ron hissed. “Harry! Bail out!”

     “Ron, no!”

     “Do it!”

     The pressure dropped rapidly as the ship was torn in half. Ron was killed instantly as the air in the ship was sucked out into space. Eighteen grabbed hold of Harry and shook him. He was alive, but in shock. She turned on her own comm device.

     “Harry, can you hear me!? You’re an android! You can survive this!

     “Ron...” he whispered back. “Ron...?”

     “He’s dead, Harry, and we have to find a way out of here, that ship will be back soon!” she cried as she tried to swim through the wreckage.

     “RON!!!” Harry cried and shot an energy blast behind him, propelling him towards the Kei ship.

     “Harry, no!”

     She watched as he disappeared in to the orange blossom of the Kei’s counter attack. Eighteen shielded her eyes and tumbled backwards. The shock wave hit her hard. She struggled to remain conscious.


     Many moments later, the ship was gone. Eighteen opened her eyes and looked around. The freezing cold permeated her to her core. Just a few feet away was a blue-green, fuzzy object. Her outstretched arm grasped the hair easily and pulled it slowly towards her. Eighteen’s last thought was that she was glad that his eyes were closed. She hugged the head to her chest and gave up.