• Ai no Chikara
    • Tenchi Muyo! - Tenchi/Adult!Sasami - Sasami is missing and the gang is brought back together to save her
  • The Android's Tears
    • Part 1: DBZ - After Krillin dies, 18 decides to do some soul searching
  • The Android's Wings
    • Part 2: DBZ/Outlaw Star - 18 meets the MacDougal brothers and heads to space
  • The Android's Blues
    • Part 3: DBZ/Cowboy Bebop - 18, left drifting, is picked up with a certain ship full of bounty hunters
  • By Any Other Name
    • Get Backers
    • Chapter 1 - Ban suffers the loss of his dearest friend
    • Chapter 1 - Ban works to find the perpetrators and takes on a solo case
    • Chapter 3 - Love knows no gender, and a rose is just as sweet
  • Jizn' Prodoljayetsya
    • Fullmetal Alchemist - Ed finishes what he started many years ago and Al has to deal with the consequences
  • A Man With A Purpose
    • Sandman - An ordinary life with a extrordinary task
Pacifica and Phantom from Acesquad Aoikami Sarah Aoikami Sarah and Piccolo c. 1999 The Android's Tears poster
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